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Piezo Ceramic Misting Elements

Piezo Ceramic Misting Elements

10mm 180 KHz piezo ceramic misting elements with wire lead, Other specifications please contact us for an offer, Factory price and Fast delivery, Nice and well Service.

Products Specifications:

10mm 180 KHz piezo ceramic misting elements

Customer:Part No:
Product: piezo ceramic misting elements100175P4W200C
                                                                    Technical Terms
Resonant Frequency (KHz)180 ± 5
Rated Voltage (Vdc)
Ac peak voltage (vp-p)
Capacitance at 120Hz 9 (pf )
Input Power (w)


Harmonic Impedance
Piezoelectric Constant D33
≥300 C/N
Working Temperature
Using Water QualityDrink Water
Welding Point and Line Can Pull Force (KG)≥0.4
Connection1571 28# 200*1.0+2.0 Terminal
Hole Area, aperture, hole count
2.5±0.1mm, 6.5±1um, 500±5PCS
Sheet steel material, Ceramic Chip, rubber ringSUS304, WK43, Silicone


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